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Motivational Therapies matches the approach to the person and the problem. Counselling is client-centred, generally short-term and uses a variety of therapies such as brief solution-focused, cognitive-behavioural, schema-focused and interpersonal therapy.

Motivational Therapies can help you to make a difference....

• Identify your goals and take steps to achieve them
• Become more positive about yourself
• Build your confidence and competence
• Deal with difficult situations better
• Develop more satisfying relationships
• Manage parenting more effectively


We use a variety of therapies such as brief solution - focused, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal therapy for grief, loss and depression, schema focused (looking at core beliefs), Compassion Focused therapy and Compassionate Mind Training for Shame Based Difficulties (for emotional and problems)  and Hypnosis. We also deal in the following:

•  Depression
•  Anxiety, Fears and Panic Attacks
•  Eating Disorders
•  Addictions
•  Post Traumatic Stress
•  Loss and Grief
•  Pain Management
•  Conflict at Work

•  Stress and Burnout
•  Sexual Concerns
•  Couple Stress
•  Family Communication
•  Child and Adolescent Difficulties
•  Parenting Skills
•  Psychometric Testing
•  Medico-legal Reports